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Immigration and emigration in Europe – an art gallery with two sound points — idea and concept: Elena Strubakis and NotAnotherArtist — displayed at Bezirksmuseum Landstraße in 1030 Vienna.

The composition "To TamTam" by Kostas Chatzis, consisting of four parts and voice material by NotAnotherArtist — paintings by Elena Strubakis and NotAnotherArtist — oil on canvas — mixed materials and one collage.
"InCooperationIntegration" is a follow-up exhibition of "Vienna, Point 0"(2000) at Westbahnhof in Vienna's 7th district (organized by Elsayed Kandil), my own exhibition in 2005, "Become, who you are!" at Café Magdalen in Vienna's 3th district, and the exhibitions "The Human's World" (2013) and "Human" (2014) as part of "Lange Nacht der Kirchen" at Wagner's St. Johnannes-Nepomuk-Chapel in Vienna's 9th district.
To participate in the auction of the exhibition "Our Art for the Refugees" will be possible through November 1, 2015, 6 p.m. Please send in your vote!

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